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 The newer high-efficiency systems work best when the ductwork is designed specifically for that application. Furthermore, many homeowners do not want to spend additional dollars to have new ductwork installed or redesigned.

The result is usually a lack of efficiency. Although this does not mean that it won’t be more efficient than your old system, it just means that it will not be up to its full potential.

Have a professional look at the condition and the cleanliness of the ductwork to plan a course of action that is suitable.

Ductwork diagram in home

Flex Duct & Duct Board

While many states and commercial building codes require Metal Ductwork to be installed. Mainly due to higher heating temps, here in South Florida Duct board and flex ducts are commonly used. A Duct board is a solid piece of insulation with a different thickness depending on the application. It can be easily cut and formed into a box configuration, for trunk lines and plenums.

The flex Duct pictured above is perfect for tight installations and offers a great alternative to metal pipe. It is essentially insulation wrapped around a flexible plastic tube. This can be used in warm weather climates where high-temperature heating is not used.

This type of ductwork saves time on material costs compared to metal ducts as well as labor costs as it is less labor-intensive to install.

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