Walk In Coolers

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Walk In Coolers

Replacing a walk in cooler floor doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire cooler. We can replace just the floor and keep the rest of the cooler or freezer intact.

Doors and floors are the most used and abused parts of a walk in cooler or freezer. They wear out much faster. Standard floors are designed with a 600-LB load per square foot.

That sounds like a lot of load carrying ability until it is considered that a 200-LB load on a two-wheel cart can develop a load of 50-lbs per square inch or 7,200-lbs per square foot ! Usually when a ramp is requested, it is assumed that two or four wheel carts carrying heavy loads will be used in the walk in. 


Cooler Maint. & Installations

A proper service schedule for maintenance is crucial in keeping your walk in cooler in good working condition.  It can cut down on service repair bills as well as extending the life of the system. Coolers are often overlooked when it comes to servicing. No one pays any attention until it stops working. Then they could be facing a huge loss in inventory.

AC Advantage Is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week should you have a problem. We also do regular routine maintenance on all types of refrigeration equipment. This could save you a ton of money.

if your cooler has seen it better days and needs to be replaced, we can handle every detail of installing a new walk in faster than you ever thought possible. Custom installations are our specialty. Call us today for a free evaluation of all your refrigeration needs.




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