Rooftop AC Units

image of rooftop ac unitPackaged Rooftop AC Units

Rooftop Package units or “RTU’S” are configured all in one condensing and evaporator units for roof applications. The picture on the right shows an RTU with side flow supply and return air flow connected to protruding duct work.

These are mainly used on commercial buildings but can be used for residential applications as well. These units are the same type used in mobile homes or condos where central air “split systems” can not be used do to construction restraints.


Commercial Rooftop AC Units

These type of Air conditioning systems are used strictly for commercial building applications. The duct work is attached to the bottom of the unit. ( both return air and supply air ) They are set on top of a curb, or curb adapter.

These units are normally much larger in capacity than residential package units. The capacity of cooling is measured in tonnage for the particular application square footage. For new installations a heat load calculation is used to determine the proper size.

Only trained professionals can properly determine the correct tonnage for the particular building. Many things must be taken in consideration before the size of the system can be made.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Restaurants and other businesses often rely on commercial refrigeration, and need a reliable partner to keep their systems running smoothly. We can help with freezers, walk-in coolers, warehouses, and more.

High Efficiency AC Systems

High Efficiency AC Systems

While staying cool and comfortable, it’s important to keep AC units running in a way that is energy efficient. Our modern systems can cut cooling bills by as much as 50 percent, for residential or commercial.

Modern Technologies

Modern Technologies

We work with state of the art equipment that gives you control, flexibility, and comfort. This includes smart thermostats, Wifi connections, remotely controlling temperatures, and live weather forcasts.

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