Restaurant Refrigeration and Equipment

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Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment

 Here is a check list of what needs to be done to maintain your refrigeration equipment.

  •  Clean and lubricate compressors according to manufacturer instructions.
  •  Once a month, uncover the condenser and vacuum thoroughly. Unplug the unit carefully as to not dislodge the sensitive controls. Dirt and dust accumulations interfere with the circulation of air through the cooling coils. Check filters and replace as needed.
  • To maintain proper air circulation, never store boxes on top of the walk-in units, (especially in restaurants with low ceilings).
  • Keep the door handle, door closure kit, door hinges, sweep gasket, and door gasket free from dirt and in good repair. Check the door gaskets for splits or cracks. Poorly sealed doors will cause the units to operate inefficiently, and might also lead to expensive repairs. It is recommended that you change door gaskets every 3 to 5 years.

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Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

  •  Monitor refrigeration units for excessive noise and vibration. Check for and quickly repair bent fans, loose belts, and worn bearings.
  • During extended periods of summer heat and humidity, place a small house fan on top of the unit near the condenser to enhance cooling efficiency.
  •  Following manufacturer instructions, calibrate the dial thermometer twice a year.
  • Regularly check things such as door gaskets, hinges and catches, to minimize leaking of warm air into the unit.
  • Check temperatures regularly.
  • Allow adequate airflow around the motor and condenser fins. Clean them regularly,as built up dust acts as an insulation layer which may cause motors to overheat.

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