Mobile Home Package Units

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Mobile Home Package Units

Mobile Home Central Ac Systems or “package Units” differ from traditional Central ac systems or “split systems”. Instead of an outside condensing unit and an inside furnace or air handler the 2 components are combined into one outside unit.

Although some Mobile homes do have split systems installed the vast majority are not designed for a traditional AC system.

The operation for the homeowner is the same. This type of system is made specifically for mobile homes that cannot house split systems. In mobile homes the duct work is either under the home or is is above the ceiling. These package systems contain both the condensing evaporating components.



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Package units are rated the same as split systems when it come to efficiencies starting at 14 SEER. FPL rebates also apply when purchasing qualifying systems. Any system above the minimum 14 SEER will qualify for the FPL rebate program. The higher the efficiency, the more the rebate.

If your Mobile home unit is more than 10 years old, you could save as much as 50% on your cooling bill. That’s not a misprint. Huge savings are common when matched with the right AC system.

Contact AC Advantage for a free evaluation of your mobile home system to determine the perfect equipment for your home.


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