Ice Machines

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Ice Machines (Maintenance & Cleaning)

  • Remove any ice prior to cleaning.
  •  Clean the machine’s water system, following the instructions laid out in the owners manual.
  • Remove, inspect  and clean air filters.
  • Check the water filtration system, observing if the water pressure drops due to any restrictions.
  • Visually inspect the machine’s components, including the evaporator, cube sizing controls, water sensors, thermistors, water distributor parts, and water hoses and water sump or reservoir. Don’t forget the water valve, because it could have debris on the inlet side, causing water restriction to the ice machine.
  •  It’s highly suggested that you sanitize the machine after cleaning, following the manufacturer’s guide lines. Be sure to clean and sanitize the storage bin or dispenser as well.
  •  When finished, it’s recommended to observe two cycles, replacing all parts and panels and checking the freeze and harvest cycle times. Make sure you throw out the first batch of ice made after cleaning.



Ice Machines

While every ice machine has its own unique functions and features, the majority follow a basic cleaning process.

Removal of scale is the main objective, since buildup can cause ice to stick to the evaporators surface, which can block heat transfer and result in freeze-ups, long ice making times, reduced production, and costly repairs. Therefore, all parts of a machine that are in direct contact with water need to be closely inspected for any signs of scale, slime, or mold.

Out of sight out of mind is not a good practice if you absolutely count on your ice machine. Scheduled maintenance will keep the machine running properly and will extend it’s life.

AC Advantage can set up routine scheduled maintenance for all your refrigeration equipment, saving you a ton of money on lost revenues and costly repairs.



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